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Climate Solutions for Industry Sector


A short reading from ‘Project Drawdown’ that discusses climate solutions for the Industry Sector. It lists different solutions by the industry sector towards addressing the climate crisis such as:

– Reduce the use of plastics, metals and cement and employ alternative materials in industrial processes

– Move towards a circular economy by managing and recycling solid waste

– Use refrigerants with low/zero potency of ghg emissions

– Enhance energy efficiency of industrial processes

This reading includes specific solutions from each sub-sector within the food, agriculture and land use sectors. These solutions are based on adaptation scenarios, financial models, and are integrated with other solutions. They also include discussions related to each sub-sector.

Climate solutions for the electricity sector included in the reading are:

  1. Alternative Cement
  2. Alternative Refrigerants
  3. Bioplastics
  4.  Composting
  5. Landfill Methane Capture
  6. Methane Digesters
  7. Recycled Metals
  8. Recycled Paper
  9. Recycled Plastics
  10. Recycling
  11. Reduced Plastics
  12.  Refrigerant Management
  13. Waste to Energy

Students will learn about climate solutions from the food, agriculture and land use sector and sub-sectors

Use this tool to help your students find answers to:

  1. Discuss the carbon footprint of the industry sector.
  2. Mentions the alternative materials that can be employed in the industry sector to reduce its carbon footprint.
  3. List the merits of recycling of industrial materials
  4. What is the correlation between waste management and power generation?
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