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Climate Solutions for the Infrastructure Development Sector


A video playlist titled ‘CS – Drawdown – 8 – Materials’ from the ‘Murtugudde Climate Academy’ by Dr. Raghu Murtugudde. It consists of 7 short video lectures that summarise climate solutions for the Infrastructure Development Sector. The solutions are based on the book titled ‘Drawdown’ edited by Paul Hawken.

The video lectures are as follows:

  1. Household Recycling (9.32 mins): This video explains the energy savings incurred with recycling of various materials such as aluminium, steel & tin, paper, plastic, and glass. It mentions that the energy saving through recycling is higher than incineration for the majority of the aforementioned materials, which makes it a favourable waste management approach.
  2. Industrial Recycling (9.22 mins): This video explains industrial recycling which consists of new technologies for industrial solid waste management. It mentions the adoption of practices like innovation, reuse, repair, remanufacturing, and distribution, thus empowering consumers to have a control on solid waste management and recovery.
  3. Alternative Cement (11.18 mins): This video discusses replacing traditional cement with flyash cement concrete, for construction. It states that research and development is undertaken to promote the use of alternative clinker-free cements, fly-ash & blast-furnace slag cement along with reducing the use of cement in the built environment.
  4. Refrigeration (10.25 mins): This video discusses refrigeration with an approach to replacing the hazardous coolant materials with environment friendly ones. It mentions the globally growing energy demand for refrigeration and cooling. It also emphasises on reducing the impact of hydrofluorocarbons present in the refrigerants that have a high global warming potential.
  5. Recycled Paper (5.37 mins): This video provides an overview of paper consumption in the world and use of recycled paper. It mentions that the net emissions are remarkably low with the use of recycled pulp for paper manufacturing. It also mentions the net carbon sequestration from trees saved with the use of recycled paper.
  6. Bioplastic (9.56 mins): This video discusses bioplastic which is mainly derived out of biomass from various crops like sugarcane and corn. It mentions the globally growing demand for plastics and bioplastics can be a sustainable alternative. It also states the challenges involved in bioplastic manufacturing.
  7. Home Water Saving (8.36 mins): This video discusses energy savings through optimum use of domestic water and reducing water wastage. It mentions some ways to reduce the direct water footprint such as using water saving toilets, installing water saving shower heads, fixing household leaks, and rainwater harvesting amongst others.

Students will be introduced to the impact of material recycling, reuse in households as well as industries for climate action. They will also learn about upcoming technologies such as alternative cement, eco-friendly refrigerants and bioplastics that can potentially lower energy consumption and hence the resultant emissions.

This is the first video from a playlist of 7 videos. Click here to check the playlist.

This is the first video from a playlist of 7 videos. Click here to check the playlist.

Use this tool to help your students find
answers to:

  1. Discuss the merits of household and industrial recycling.
    b. In what ways can emissions in the refrigeration and cooling sector be reduced?
    c. What are bioplastics? State its merits and demerits.
    d. How can home water saving contribute to climate action?
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Tool Name CS – Drawdown – 8 – Materials
Discipline Economics, Chemistry, Environmental Sciences
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Climate Topic Climate Solutions; Climate Mitigation and Adaptation; Energy, Economics and Climate Change, Climate and Society
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Grade Level Undergraduate, Graduate
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Language English
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Developed by Raghu Murtugudde
Hosted at Murtugudde Climate Academy, YouTube
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