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Climate Solutions for the Transport Sector


A video playlist titled ‘CS – Drawdown – 7 – Transport’ from the ‘Murtugudde Climate Academy’ by Dr. Raghu Murtugudde. It consists of 11 short video lectures that summarise climate solutions for the Transport Sector. The solutions are based on the book titled ‘Drawdown’ edited by Paul Hawken.

The video lectures are as follows:

  1. Mass Transit (12.21 mins): This video discusses adopting the system of mass transit which will essentially reduce the number of individual vehicles on the road and encourage the use of public transport. It emphasises that governments invest in mass transit systems to counter fossil fuel emissions.
  2. High Speed Rail (10.51 mins): This video discusses high speed rail infrastructure as a means of mass transit. It mentions that HSRs can prove to be way more efficient and cost effective compared to air or road transport with the use of electricity from renewables and timely maintenance.
  3. Transport Ships (8.06 mins): This video mentions transport ships which contribute to only 10.6% of the global CO2 emissions from transport. It explains the factors to increase the efficiency of ship transport, reduce cost, and save fuel. It also mentions that regulating the energy efficiency of ships can also benefit the ocean and marine life.
  4. Electric Vehicles (14.29 mins): This video discusses electric vehicles technology which is one of the most in-demand upcoming automobile innovations. It also states that the electricity to charge the EVs needs to be obtained from renewables which can be done by making EVs a part of the microgrid design.
  5. Ride Sharing (7.13 mins): This video discusses ride sharing which is getting popular as a way to democratise the use of cars for the common population as well as a means to offer women employment. It also states that ride sharing is a favourable way to discourage the use of individual cars and thus address fossil fuel emissions.
  6. Electric Bikes (7.14 mins): This video explains the use of Electric Bikes which has seen a remarkable increase in the past decade. It also mentions that electric bikes can potentially become a means of public transport in the future.
  7. Cars (10.09 mins): This video explains the use of IC engine cars and the future potential of replacing them with electric cars. It mentions the sustainable development scenario in which EV car sales are estimated to grow exponentially. Hence, it is equally important to make sure that the electricity needed for charging EVs is obtained predominantly from renewables.
  8. Aeroplanes (10.25 mins): This video discusses aeroplanes which are getting a lot of attention due to their high carbon footprint. It mentions some technologies that can help curb aeroplane emissions such as fuels made from cooking oil, sugarcane and biomass, light weight engine assemblies, and aerodynamic designs amongst others. It also mentions some design alterations that can increase the efficiency of the aeroplanes and save cost and fuel.
  9. Trucks (5.56 mins): This video discusses transport trucks which contribute up to 29.4% of global CO2 emissions from transport. It mentions some methods to lower emissions from transport trucks such as fuel and engine innovations, using rails and ships for transport, traffic planning, and spatial planning amongst others
  10. Telepresence (5.04 mins): This video explains the concept of telepresence which is an upcoming technology that can save on travel costs and fuel consumption. It states that this system can be equally efficient compared to physical presence, owing to the motorised vehicles carrying the video screen of a human being connected on the device through the internet.
  11. Trains (7.40 mins): This video explains the importance of improving the railway transport. It states that the energy efficiency of railways is observed to be higher as compared to aviation, shipping or road transport. The video also mentions some credits of using the passenger rail system such as congestion relief, faster connectivity, and cheaper costs.

Students will be introduced to technologies and innovations that can potentially provide climate solutions in the transport sector. They will learn about energy consumption by different modes of transport and replacing them with electric cars, bikes and mass transit systems like high speed rails. They will also learn about how innovations in engines and structural design can increase fuel efficiency and speed of the vehicles.

This is the first video from a playlist of 21 videos. Click here to check the playlist.

This is the first video from a playlist of 21 videos. Click here to check the playlist.

Use this tool to help your students find answers to:

  1. Give a comparative account of mass transit systems versus use of individual vehicles.
  2. What is the future of electric vehicle use? How can this technology help in drawdown?
  3. In what ways can the footprint of aviation and shipping industries be reduced?
  4. What is telepresence? List the merits and demerits of this technology.
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