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Melting Ice Sheets and Sea Level


An interactive Model/Simulation to explore the effects of melting ice sheets and the resulting sea level rise on coastal areas.

Students will configure parameters related to glacial melt in Antarctica and/or Greenland, and will observe the effects of sea level rise on selected coastal regions in the U.S.

Use this tool to help your students find answers to:

  1. What is the likely impact of significant ice melting in Antarctica on Florida?
  2. Discuss the possible impact of significant loss of ice in Greenland on Florida, California, and
    the Gulf Coast.
About Tool
Tool Name Sea Level Change Portal, VESL Coastline Retreat From Sea Level Rise Simulation
Discipline Geography, Earth Sciences 
Topic(s) in Discipline Cryosphere, Earth’s Climate, Sea Level Rise, Glaciers, Disasters and Hazards, Floods, Shoreline Retreat, Melting of Ice Sheets, Glacier Melting 
Climate Topic Disasters and Hazards, Climate and the Cryosphere
Type of tool Model/Simulation
Grade Level High School, Undergraduate
Location North America, United States
Language English
Translation      –
Developed by NASA
Hosted at NASA
Access Online
Computer Skills Basic


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