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NASA Climate Games


NASA Climate Kids contains a collection of online games such as Coral Bleaching, Meet the Greenhouse Gases, Play OFFSET!, Play Power Up!, Slyder: The Art of Weather, Missions to Planet Earth, Wild Weather Adventure, and Whirlwind Disaster.

About Tool
Tool NameNASA Climate Kids
DisciplineEarth Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Geography
Topic(s) in DisciplineIntroduction to Climate Change, Biodiversity, Coral Bleaching, Greenhouse Gases, Energy, Weather and Climate
Climate TopicClimate and the Anthroposphere, Introduction to Climate Change, Climate Mitigation and Adaptation
Type of toolGame
Grade LevelMiddle School, High School
Translation     –
Developed byEarth Science Communications Team at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory / California Institute of Technology
Hosted atNASA Climate Kids
Computer SkillsBasic


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