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Overview of Carbon Pricing


An audio conversation with Christopher Knittel, MIT, about carbon pricing and its impact on individual lifestyle. This audio podcast looks at the complexities of carbon pricing, its type, approximate individual cost and public policy around it.

Students will learn about the basics of carbon pricing and be introduced to carbon tax, cap and trade, and how and what such a tax will be used for. They will learn what carbon tax would mean for an individual consumer and what incentives can be used to create lifestyle changes towards a more sustainable consumption. Additionally, students will also look at the alternatives to carbon pricing.

Use this tool to help your students find answers to:

  1. What is carbon pricing?
  2. What are the common policies associated with carbon pricing?
  3. How does carbon tax affect individual consumption?
  4. How should the government use the carbon taxes?
About Tool
Tool Name E7: TIL about carbon pricing
Discipline Economics  
Topic(s) in Discipline Carbon Pricing, Economic Policy, Carbon Tax, Cap and Trade, Public Policy
Climate Topic Climate Economics
Type of tool Audio (11 mins)
Grade Level Undergraduate, Graduate
Location Global
Language English
Translation      –
Developed by TILclimate Podcast
Hosted at Climate Portal
Access Online
Computer Skills Basic


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