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Carbon Sequestration in Soil

Carbon Sequestration in Soil Reading A reading by Judith D. Schwatz for YaleE360, published at the Yale School of the Environment, that describes how carbon is stored in soil. It discusses carbon sequestration, carbon capture and storage and carbon sources and sinks. It further highlights how the release of carbon from the soil due to […]

Carbon Sequestration and Climate Change

Carbon Sequestration and Climate Change Reading A reading that describes natural carbon sources and sinks. This reading by Noelle Eckley Selin, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, describes how anthropogenic activities alter the concentration of carbon in various sources and sinks, thus, contributing to global warming. Students will learn about the various types of carbon sinks and […]

Carbon Cycle Regulation by Carbon Sequestration

Carbon Cycle Regulation by Carbon Sequestration Overview As a High School or introductory Undergraduate Environmental Sciences or Chemistry or Earth Sciences teacher, you can use this lesson plan to teach your students about Earth’s carbon cycle, its role in Earth’s climate, its irregularities due to anthropogenic activities, and its regulation by carbon sequestration. In this […]


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