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Psychology of Climate Denial

Psychology of Climate Denial Audio This is an audio podcast of The Guardian on the psychology of climate science denial. This tool discusses psychological barriers and cognitive biases that determine individual responses to climate change. Students will learn about the cognitive biases that play a pivotal role in climate science denial such as Confirmation Bias […]

What is Climate Literacy?

What is Climate Literacy? Reading A reading by the U.S. Global Change Research Program titled ‘Climate Literacy: The Essential Principles of Climate Science’. This reading can be used as an introduction to the topic by teachers interested in teaching about climate literacy. The reading is a guide for individuals and communities. “The guide aims to […]

Climate Denial: How language is used to misinform

Climate Denial: How language is used to misinform Overview Overview As a high school Humanities teacher in English or Communications, you can use this set of computer-based tools to help you teach students persuasive language techniques. It focuses on language techniques used in climate communication, specifically how climate misinformation has been used by a range […]


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