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Sea Level Rise

Sea Level Rise Video This video describes sea-level rise due to climate change and flooding risks in coastal communities. About Tool Tool Name Rising Sea Levels — Changing Plane Discipline Earth Sciences, Geography, Environmental Sciences  Topic(s) in Discipline Recent Climate Change, Sea Level Rise, Disasters, Disasters and Hazards, Hydrosphere, Floods, Coastal Communities Climate Topic Climate […]

Hurricanes and Climate Change

Hurricanes and Climate Change Reading A reading to learn about what affects hurricane activity and the measures that can help in building resilience to the impacts of hurricanes. Students will read about the effects of warmer sea surface temperatures and sea-level rise on hurricanes. They will also discuss changes in the frequency and intensity of […]

Changes in Intensity and Frequency of Hurricanes

Changes in Intensity and Frequency of Hurricanes Reading A reading to learn about recent changes in hurricane activity, specifically in the Atlantic. Students will read about changes in Atlantic storm activity, factors that affect hurricane intensity and frequency, and the impact of global climate change on these factors Use this tool to help your students […]

The Effects of Sea-level Rise on the Coast of California

The Effects of Sea-level Rise on the Coast of California Model/Simulation An interactive Model/Simulation to observe and understand the possible effects of sea-level rise and different storm scenarios on the coast of California. Students will configure parameters such as the amount of sea-level rise and the frequency of storm scenarios to observe the corresponding effects […]

Climate Change and Water

Climate Change and Water Teaching Module A teaching module to introduce the impact of climate change on water systems and the resulting effects on human society. Students will learn about the link between climate change and water, and the factors that cause a location to be vulnerable to climate change. They will also read and […]


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