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Climate Psychology and Psychotherapy

Climate Psychology and Psychotherapy Audio An audio interview by the Climate Psychology Alliance (CPA) of Paul Hoggett, Director of the Centre for Psycho- Social Studies at the University of the West of England and cofounder of CPA, and Caroline Hickman, climate psychology lecturer at University of Bath and psychotherapist, with host Verity Sharpon on climate […]

Modeling Earth’s Carbon

Modeling Earth’s Carbon Model/Simulation A Model/Simulation to learn about the carbon cycle and carbon dioxide projections based on the observed CO2 concentrations from Land, Ocean and Atmospheric reservoirs. The model includes four RCP scenarios based of fossil fuel emissions: activities on the following topics Business as usual Slower Growth Big Reductions Very Aggressive Students can […]

General Circulation Models of Climate

General Circulation Models of Climate Reading A reading titled ‘General Circulation Models of Climate’ by Spencer Weart hosted on the website of Center for History of Physics, American Institute of Physics. This reading is a supplement to the book titled, ‘The Discovery of Global Warming’ by Spencer Weart. It summarises the complexity of Earth System […]


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