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If Global Temperature Rises by 4 C

If Global Temperature Rises by 4℃ Model/Simulation An interactive Model/Simulation to observe the effects of a global temperature increase of 4°C on human health, agriculture, forests, oceans and marine ecosystems, permafrost, water availability, and extreme climate events. Students will observe and discuss how a global temperature rise of 4°C will affect different regions in the […]

Permafrost and Climate Change

The Permafrost and Global Warming Classroom/Laboratory Activity A set of hands-on classroom and computer-based activities for students to learn about permafrost and to explore various web-based scientific data portals to investigate permafrost distribution, characteristics of permafrost, and the effects of thawing permafrost on the atmosphere and the environment. Note: The plan includes 3-4 activities; one […]

Permafrost and Climate Change

Thawing Permafrost and Climate Change Video A video that introduces permafrost and its distribution on Earth. The video also describes the changing nature of permafrost across several regions due to higher surface temperatures and thepossible impact of permafrost thawing on Earth’s climate. Students will learn about the characteristics of permafrost, its distribution across the globe […]

Permafrost and Climate Change

Permafrost and Climate Change Overview As a high school or undergraduate Geography, Environmental Sciences or Earth Sciences teacher, you can use this set of computer-based tools to teach about permafrost, the nature and distribution of permafrost in the Earth’s cryosphere, thawing of permafrost due to global warming which in turn, results in the release of […]


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