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Teaching the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


As a High School or Undergraduate Economics or Social Sciences teacher, you can use this lesson plan to teach about the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as outlined by the United Nations for nations to adopt and work towards, for a sustainable future.

This lesson plan will allow you to introduce the SDGs to your students, stress on their socio-economic importance and enable discussions on the efforts taken by governmental and non-governmental agencies of their nations towards achieving these goals. This lesson plan will also draw attention to how climate change may affect the efforts towards achieving the SDGs.

Thus, the use of this lesson plan allows you to integrate the teaching of a climate science topic with a core topic in Economics or Social Sciences.

Learning Outcome

The tools in this lesson plan will enable students to:

  1. Learn about sustainable development and the sustainable development goals (SDGs)
  2. Explain the significance of SDGs in topics of economics and social sciences
  3. Discuss their nation’s measures to address the SDGs
  4. Understand the link between climate change and the achievement of the SDGs


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