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The Changing of pH of Ocean Water and Its Impact on Marine Life


A visualisation to learn about the pH scale, the pH of different liquids, ocean acidification, and the possible impacts of ocean acidification on marine life.

Students will identify the pH of different liquids and observe how the average pH of ocean water has changed since industrialization. They will use a model to learn about the effect of changes in atmospheric CO2 on ocean chemistry and on marine organisms.

Use this tool to help your students find answers to:

  1. Is ocean water alkaline or acidic?
  2. Explain ocean acidification.
About Tool
Tool Name Our Acidifying Ocean
Discipline Chemistry
Topic(s) in Discipline Ocean Acidification, pH Scale, Acids and Bases, Acidification, Ocean Carbonate Chemistry, Seawater Chemistry, Ocean Acidity, Calcium Carbonate in Marine Organisms, Calcification in Marine Organisms
Climate Topic Climate and the Hydrosphere
Type of tool Model/Simulation
Grade Level Undergraduate
Location North America, United States
Language English
Translation French, German, Portuguese, Spanish
Developed by Inquiry to Student Environmental Action (I2SEA) project
Hosted at Inquiry to Student Environmental Action (I2SEA) project
Access Online
Computer Skills Basic


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