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The Earth’s Climate

Online Course

An Online course to learn about the Earth’s climate system, climate change in the past and present, the impact of climate change, and measures for adaptation and mitigation. Students will understand the Earth’s climate system, the feedback cycles and circulation systems that influence climate, the impact of climate change on important resources and ecosystems, and actions for adapting to and mitigating climate change.

Use this tool to help your students find answers to:

Module 1: Past Episodes of Climate ChangeModule 2: Recent Climate Change
Module 3: Earth’s Climate System
Module 4: Introduction to General Circulation Models
Module 5: Global Carbon Cycle
Module 6: Ocean Circulation and its Impact on Climate
Module 7: Ocean Acidification, Red Tides, and Monster Jellyfish
Module 8: Water Resources and Climate Change
Module 9: Climate Change and Food Supply
Module 10: Rising Seas
Module 11: Terrestrial Ecosystems in Peril
Module 12: Adaptation and Mitigation

About Tool
Tool NameEarth in the Future 
DisciplineEarth Sciences
Topic(s) in DisciplineEarth’s Climate, Planetary Climate, Recent Climate Change, Climate Change Overview, Introduction to Climate Change
Climate TopicIntroduction to Climate Change, Climate Literacy
Type of toolE- learning course
Grade LevelUndergraduate
Translation     –
Developed byTimothy Bralower and David Bice
Hosted atThe Pennsylvania State University
Computer SkillsBasic


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