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The Food Challenge


A computer-based game that shows the carbon footprints of different types of food. The objective of the game is to click on images of different foods – for example, cheese, banana and steak – from lowest to highest carbon footprint before the 30-second timer runs out. The clock is paused each time an answer is submitted to show whether players answered correctly. At the end of the game, a tally is provided of right and wrong answers.

Students will be introduced to the carbon footprints of different foods. Before they begin the game, students may take a moment to read descriptions of carbon footprints of different foods that are provided in the form of a slideshow at the bottom of the screen.

Use this tool to help your students find answers to:

  1. What is the carbon footprint of different foods?
  2. How have anthropogenic emissions impacted Earth’s climate change?
  3. Discuss why animal-based products generally have greater carbon footprints.
About Tool
Tool NameClimate Food Challenge
DisciplineEnvironmental Sciences, Agricultural Sciences
Topic(s) in DisciplineClimate Change Overview, Agriculture, Food Security, Carbon Footprint
Climate TopicClimate and Food Security
Type of toolGame
Grade LevelPrimary School, Middle School, High School, Undergraduate 
Translation     –
Developed byTake A Bite Out of Climate Change
Hosted atstrangelyRetro.games 
Computer SkillsBasic

Mapped Sustainable Development Goal(s), apart from 4 and 13


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