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The Greenhouse Effect

Teaching Module

A teaching module for teachers that explains what greenhouse gases are and describes their role in causing global warming. This resource developed by the Office for Climate Education (OCE) introduces students to the concept of the greenhouse effect and the importance of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. The module is based on the IPCC Special Report -Global Warming of 1.5°C and has been developed especially for teachers.

Students will be introduced to the topic of greenhouse gases and the greenhouse effect of the atmosphere. They will further learn about the relationship between this effect and global warming.

Use this tool to help your students find answers to:

  1. What is the ‘greenhouse effect’?
  2. Discuss how the industrial revolution has resulted in an increase in the concentration of some GHGs in the atmosphere and how this contributes to global warming.
About Tool
Tool Name ‘A. Understanding global warming’, pages 7-9 of the document, ‘IPCC Special Report “Global Warming of 1.5 0 C”- Summary for Teachers’
Discipline Chemistry
Topic(s) in Discipline Greenhouse Effect, Greenhouse Gases (GHGs), Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Global Warming, Global Warming Potential (GWP)
Climate Topic Greenhouse Effect; Introduction to Climate Change
Type of tool Reading
Grade Level High School, Middle School
Location Global
Language English
Translation      –
Developed by Office for Climate Education (OCE)
Hosted at Office for Climate Education (OCE) Website
Access Online /Offline
Computer Skills Basic


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