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Climate Change Poems read by Celebrities

Climate Change Poems read by Celebrities Audio An audio resource that contains 21 poems on climate change. Compiled by UK poet laureate, Carol Ann Duffy, the resource provides audio files on themes of climate change by renowned poets, narrated by celebrities. The resource includes the following poems read by different celebrities: James Franco reads ‘Causeway’ […]

Poetry Writing

Poetry Writing Teaching Module A classroom activity designed by the Poetry Society, UK that demonstrates techniques to write climate change poetry. This module provides a step by step guide in poetry writing. It uses Amanda Dalton’s poem ‘How to Disappear’ to draw on the theme of ‘disappearance’ which the reader can interpret on both personal […]

Climate Change Poetry

Climate Change Poetry Reading A set of poems commissioned by the Royal Society for Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA) that feature 9 poems on the theme of climate change. The poems are based on the collective understanding of climate change and human response to this global phenomenon. These pieces were commissioned as part of ‘Seven […]

Poetry in Strange Times

Poetry in Strange Times Video A microlecture titled ‘As climate changes, I order a salad: contemporary poetry and the strange times of climate change’ by Sam Solnick, University of Liverpool that discusses three poems that focus on temporalities associated with climate change. The video also discusses the role of media and poetry in shaping the […]


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