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Hadley Circulation

Hadley Circulation Reading A reading to learn about the Hadley Cell and a simple model for the Hadley Circulation, using the law of conservation of angular momentum. In this reading, students will discuss and explore the effects of changes in atmospheric dynamics on Hadley circulation and will analyze the potential impacts on climate. Use this […]

Hadley Circulation-Heat Transport in the Atmosphere

Hadley Circulation-Heat Transport in the Atmosphere Classroom/Laboratory Activity A classroom/laboratory activity to learn about radiation, heat transport, convection, and energy/mass conservation by interpreting and mapping the Hadley Circulation. Students will analyse and map real data through the NASA MERRA reanalysis model to understand the actual impact of the Hadley Cell on the Earth’s climate system […]

Earth’s Equable Climate

Earth’s Equable Climate Reading A reading that explains Earth’s equable climate in the past using the theories, Hadley Cells, Convective Cloud Feedback, Polar Stratospheric Clouds, and Tropical Cyclones. Students will learn about Earth’s equable climate. They can use this reading to understand the role of the Hadley Cell in detail, how Hadley Cells transport heat […]

Modeling Planetary Energy Balance

Modeling Planetary Energy Balance Model/Simulation A Model/Simulation to learn about vertical energy (heat) transfer in the Earth’s system and planetary energy balance. Students will vary parameters such as the solar constant and the planetary albedo to observe the corresponding effects on energy transfer from the Sun to the Earth and from the Earth to the […]

Climate Change in the Physics Classroom

Climate Change in the Physics Classroom Video A video lecture by Rahul Chopra, TROP ICSU and IISER Pune on climate change educational resources that Physics teachers can use in their classrooms. These educational resources integrate climate change understanding with the core curriculum in Physics. This video lecture is part of an online e-learning course (MOOC) […]

The Chemistry Connection

Climate Change: The Chemistry Connection Reading Module A reading titled, ‘Finding Chemistry Connections in Climate Change’ by Jason Olsen for the American Association of Chemistry Teachers (AACT), provides an introduction to climate change, its impacts and their connection to chemistry. This reading includes discussions on topics in Chemistry that teachers can teach which have a […]

Heat Transport in the Atmosphere, Hadley Circulation and Climate (Global Precipitation Patterns and Distribution of Deserts)

Heat Transport in the Atmosphere, Hadley Circulation and Climate (Global Precipitation Patterns and Distribution of Deserts) Overview As a high school or undergraduate Geography, Earth Sciences, or Physics teacher, you can use this set of computer-based tools to help you in teaching about heat transport in the atmosphere, atmospheric circulation, and the Hadley Cell and […]


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