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Air Travel and Carbon Offset

Air Travel and Carbon Offset Audio/Reading A short audio and reading by MPR News on ‘Carbon Offset’ that gives an overview of what carbon offsets mean and how you can purchase them. It talks about the emission reduction that is linked to the travel industry through the principle of carbon credit. Students will learn about […]

Visualizing the Carbon Emissions in New York City

Visualizing the Carbon Emissions in New York City Video A video that presents a realistic and engaging visualization of the total carbon emissions and rate of carbon emissions in New York City. Students will learn about the carbon footprint of New York City, based on data from 2010. They will also be introduced to an […]

The Food Challenge

The Food Challenge Game A computer-based game that shows the carbon footprints of different types of food. The objective of the game is to click on images of different foods – for example, cheese, banana and steak – from lowest to highest carbon footprint before the 30-second timer runs out. The clock is paused each […]


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