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Climate Action and Capitalism

Climate Action and Capitalism Audio An audio conversation between Jason Jay, director of the MIT Sloan Sustainability Initiative, and Rajesh Kasturirangan and Curt Newton, from The Climate Conversations, to discuss the role of market forces and government regulation in climate action. They discuss the theoretical framework of capitalism – its heroic value as well as […]

A Story Map on Climate Change and Human Migration

A Story Map on Climate Change and Human Migration Model/Simulation and Classroom/Laboratory Activity A visualization and classroom/laboratory activity to learn about regions and communities that are affected by the problem of climate refugees and environmental migration because of the effects of climate change. Students will apply mapmaking and visualization techniques to learn about locations that […]

Climate Change – Related Human Migration in Bangladesh

Climate Change – Related Human Migration in Bangladesh Reading A reading to learn about climate change-related human migration and the term “climate refugees” through an example in Bangladesh. Students will read about an actual example of the climate-refugee crisis–the large-scale migration of residents from different parts of Bangladesh to the capital, Dhaka. Students will also […]

Climate Refugees

Climate Refugees Teaching Module A teaching module to learn about climate refugees, specific examples of climate change-related migration, challenges in resettling climate refugees, and actions to help people displaced by climate change. Students will read and discuss climate change as a humanitarian problem; examples of Syria, Kiribati, and Louisiana in the context of climate refugees […]

Climate Refugees and Environmental Migration

Climate Refugees and Environmental Migration Overview As a high school or undergraduate Social Sciences, Humanities, or Environmental Sciences teacher, you can use this set of computer-based tools to help you in teaching about topics such as Social and Environmental Policy, Climate Change and Human Migration, Climate Refugees/Environmental Migrants, and Climate Justice. This lesson plan enables […]


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