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Climate Solutions for Land Sinks Sector

Climate Solutions for Land Sinks Sector Reading A short reading from ‘Project Drawdown’ that discusses climate solutions for the Land Sinks Sector. It lists different solutions by the land sinks sector towards addressing the climate crisis such as: Address waste and diets by consuming plant rich diets and reducing food waste Protect and restore ecosystems […]

Modeling Earth’s Carbon

Modeling Earth’s Carbon Model/Simulation A Model/Simulation to learn about the carbon cycle and carbon dioxide projections based on the observed CO2 concentrations from Land, Ocean and Atmospheric reservoirs. The model includes four RCP scenarios based of fossil fuel emissions: activities on the following topics Business as usual Slower Growth Big Reductions Very Aggressive Students can […]

Earth’s Climate, the Biosphere, and Geological Evolution

Earth’s Climate, the Biosphere, and Geological Evolution Video A playlist of lecture videos titled, ‘Climate Science Education Series’ by Raghu Murtugudde, Professor, University of Maryland, USA and developed by Science Media Center, Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Pune, India. This playlist provides an overview of the relationships between the Earth’s climate, the biosphere, […]

The Geologic Carbon Cycle and Earth’s Climate

The Geologic Carbon Cycle and Earth’s Climate Model/Simulator A model/simulator to learn about the geologic carbon cycle and its role in stabilizing the Earth’s climate. Students will run the model after configuring parameters such as the CO2 degassing rate, the existence of land plants, and the relative land areas. They will observe and analyze plots […]

Climate Change and the Lithosphere

Climate Change and the Lithosphere Video A video microlecture by Raghu Murtugudde, University of Maryland, titled “Plate Movements Mountains and Climate Change”. This video lecture is part 4 of this 46-part video series titled ‘OceanographyChapter 16: Oceans and Climate’ available at the Murtugudde Climate Academy channel on YouTube. This video lecture, which discusses the link […]

Feedback Mechanisms

Feedback Mechanisms Teaching Module A teaching module titled ‘Feedback mechanisms’ from the e-learning course titled ‘Earth in the Future’ developed by Timothy Bralower and David Bice, The Pennsylvania State University. This module discusses the various feedback mechanisms and is listed in Module 3: Earth’s Climate System of the e-learning course. This overview reading can be […]

What is the Lithosphere?

What is the Lithosphere? Reading Module A short reading by the Aspen Global Change Institute that summarizes what the lithosphere or geosphere is. This resource can be used as an introduction to the topic by teachers interested in teaching about climate change and the role of the geosphere. This reading includes overview discussions on the […]

Volcanic Eruptions, Climate Change, and Food Crises

Volcanic Eruptions, Climate Change, and Food Crises Video A video to learn about the link between volcanic forcing of global climate and the English food crisis of 1258. Students will learn and discuss topics in mediaeval economic history: the mega-eruption of the Samalas Volcano in Indonesia; its effects on global climate; the devastating consequences on […]

Carbon Sequestration in Soil

Carbon Sequestration in Soil Reading A reading by Judith D. Schwatz for YaleE360, published at the Yale School of the Environment, that describes how carbon is stored in soil. It discusses carbon sequestration, carbon capture and storage and carbon sources and sinks. It further highlights how the release of carbon from the soil due to […]

Climate Science: An Introduction

Climate Science: An Introduction Online Course An online course by Andreas Schmittner, Oregon State University titled ‘Introduction to Climate Science’ that discusses Earth’s climate and climate change. This course contains lecture videos, exercises, references and various additional resources. It includes the following topics:- 1. Weather Weather and Climate The Climate System Processes  2. Observations Atmosphere […]


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