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Climate Solutions for Transportation Sector

Climate Solutions for Transportation Sector Reading A short reading from ‘Project Drawdown’ that discusses climate solutions for the Transportation Sector. It lists different solutions by the Transportation sector towards addressing the climate crisis such as: Shift to alternative modes of mobility to reduce demand for fossil-fueled transportation Enhance efficiency through mechanical improvements and better design […]

Climate Solutions for the Transport Sector

Climate Solutions for the Transport Sector Video A video playlist titled ‘CS – Drawdown – 7 – Transport’ from the ‘Murtugudde Climate Academy’ by Dr. Raghu Murtugudde. It consists of 11 short video lectures that summarise climate solutions for the Transport Sector. The solutions are based on the book titled ‘Drawdown’ edited by Paul Hawken. […]

Capitalism and Global Warming

Capitalism and Global Warming Reading A reading by Jonathan T. Park, University of Utah, that discusses the link between climate change and capitalism. This reading discusses how consumer ideology in a capitalist society results in the overproduction and overconsumption of goods. It includes discussions on exploitation of natural resources, high energy expenditure, excess waste production […]

Hydrocarbon Combustion

Hydrocarbon Combustion Reading A reading that introduces hydrocarbons, fossil fuels, and the products of combustion of different hydrocarbons such as carbon dioxide- a greenhouse gas. Students will learn about the products of the combustion of different hydrocarbons. The reading includes an animation that shows the net reaction of hydrocarbon combustion. Students will learn to assess […]


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