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Water, Gender and Climate Change

Water, Gender and Climate Change Reading A short introductory reading from the GenderCC Women for Climate Justice website that summarizes the gendered roles of water provision and management. This reading is part of a larger study on the gender dimensions of climate change in several sectors such as agriculture, biodiversity, consumption, disaster, energy, forests, health, […]

Climate Adaptation and Mitigation

Climate Adaptation and Mitigation Teaching Module A teaching module titled ‘Adaptation and Mitigation’ from the e-learning course titled ‘Earth in the Future’ developed by Timothy Bralower and David Bice, The Pennsylvania State University. This module discusses the various mitigation and adaptation strategies and discusses what can be done about climate change. This topic is listed […]

Climate Change and Water

Climate Change and Water Teaching Module A teaching module to introduce the impact of climate change on water systems and the resulting effects on human society. Students will learn about the link between climate change and water, and the factors that cause a location to be vulnerable to climate change. They will also read and […]


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