E-Learning Course on Climate Change

This is an online course in Climate Change by the National Resource Centre (NRC) on Climate Change at the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER), Pune as part of the Annual Refresher Programme in Teaching (ARPIT), Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Human Resources Development, Government of India.

Video: Permafrost and Climate Change

A video that introduces permafrost and its distribution on Earth. The video also describes the changing nature of permafrost across several regions due to higher surface temperatures and the possible impact of permafrost thawing on Earth’s climate.

Classroom/Laboratory Activity: Permafrost and Climate Change

A set of hands-on classroom and computer-based activities for students to learn about permafrost and to explore various web-based scientific data portals to investigate permafrost distribution, characteristics of permafrost, and the effects of thawing permafrost on the atmosphere and the environment.

Teaching Module: Climate Refugees

A teaching module to learn about climate refugees, specific examples of climate change-related migration, challenges in resettling climate refugees, and actions to help people displaced by climate change.

Classroom/Laboratory Activity: Climate Change, the Cryosphere, and Rising Sea Levels

A classroom/laboratory activity that introduces the relationship between climate and the cryosphere, explains how sea-level rise can be predicted (based on average global temperature change), and triggers a discussion on the potential impacts of sea-level rise.

Classroom/Laboratory Activity: Determining Coastal Vulnerability to Sea-Level Rise

A classroom/laboratory activity to learn about the rate of sea-level rise and the response of shorelines to sea-level change.

Visualization: The Effects of Sea-level Rise on the Coast of California


An interactive visualization to observe and understand the possible effects of sea-level rise and different storm scenarios on the coast of California.

Classroom/Laboratory Activity: Climate Change and Food Security in Africa

A classroom/laboratory activity to learn about suitable climatic conditions for a crop and to determine how climate change may affect food production (specifically, cocoa production).

Classroom/Laboratory Activity: Glacial Retreat in Glacier National Park

A classroom/laboratory activity to learn about glacial retreat and to predict the complete melting of a glacier (specifically, for an example in Glacier National Park).

Visualization: If Global Temperature Rises by 4 °C

An interactive visualization to observe the effects of a global temperature increase of 4 °C on human health, agriculture, forests, oceans and marine ecosystems, permafrost, water availability, and extreme climate events.

E-learning Course: Impact of Climate Change on Cities

An e-learning course to understand how cities are impacted by and influence climate change.

Visualization: Melting Ice Sheets and Sea Level Rise

An interactive visualization to explore the effects of melting ice sheets and the resulting sea level rise on coastal areas. 

Visualization: Glaciers and Climate Change

An interactive visualization to visualize the shrinking and growing of a glacier as a result of changes in snowfall and temperature.

Reading: Glaciers as Indicators of Climate Change

A reading that introduces the topic of glaciers and their formation

Reading: Climate Change and Agriculture

A reading to learn about the effects of climate change on food security and to explore climate change adaptation measures to ensure food security