Why fly south? How climate change alters the phenology of plants and animals

This activity allows students to learn about phenology in plants and animals and to explore how climate change may influence phenological events. Students will use phenology data on flowering patterns to create graphs and will then interpret and discuss their findings.

Beyond the byte: Mosquitoes and Malaria

This activity enables students to examine the relationship between temperature and the geographical distribution of malaria, and to determine how climate change may affect the spread and distribution of the disease. Students will use maps and temperature data sheets to determine the locations where malaria is known to occur and the temperature ranges in these locations. Further, they will discuss and explore the potential impact of climate change and the resulting change in temperature on the geographical distribution of malaria. 

Who Tief Muh Conch? The possible effects of climate change in the Bahamas

This comic book provides an introduction to the effects of climate change on our environment, and specifically, on coral reefs and integrated ecosystems. In this book, two schoolchildren in the Bahamas explain the possible effects of climate change and propose actions for adaptation and mitigation.